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21st August 2011


Weddings Are Fun

Yesterday was a blast. Today was back to the Hotel… enough said. I want to be back in school, as weird as that sounds. I feel like focusing on something other then my job might let me be more at peace with the fact that I’m still working in the service industry.

Oh, I’m applying to Teach for America, by the way.


17th August 2011


Been thinkin’ a lot today…

About the MLB playoffs, of all things. I’ve really been giving this some thought, and examining the potential matchups and dynamics that exist as this season rockets to a close. It has, in many ways, been another year of the pitcher, must like last season was. However this year we have seen a resurgence of good old offense since the All-Star break, led by my hometown heroes the Boston Red Sox.

So this year the stage is set for an electrifying postseason that will include great pitching with a side of very comprable hitting. I’ve decided to make my predictions for this postseason now.

American League East Winner: Boston Red Sox

American League Central Winner: Detroit Tigers

American League West Winner: Texas Rangers

American League Wild Card: New York Yankees

RED SOX over Tigers

YANKEES over Rangers

This would set up a Red Sox-Yankees ALCS, which most people around baseball are expecting. This would be a return to form, a true example of capitalism winning out in the baseball world. The Angels have the pitching that I would love to bet on, but I just don’t see them closing the gap with Texas in the next few weeks. Sorry, America, it’s Red Sox vs. Yankees again.

National League East Winner: Philadelphia Phillies

National League Central Winner: Milwaukee Brewers

National League West Winner: San Francisco Giants

National League Wild Card: Atlanta Braves

PHILLIES over Giants in 4.

BRAVES over Brewers in 5.

Okay, okay. An all East semifinals round in baseball is both egocentric and unlikely, but let’s be serious here. The Red Sox and Yankees are BY FAR the best teams in the A.L., and the Phillies and Braves are either 1-2 or 1-3 in the N.L. Either way, the Braves have pitching, and a lot of it. With their recent hitting spree, I can’t bet against this team. They look like they are getting better, not worse, and as much as I’d love to bet on Milwaukee, I just see Atlanta getting it done. The Giants have no chance in hell of beating the Phillies two years in a row. None. Don’t even think about betting on it, America.

Championship Series:

RED SOX over Yankees in 7.

PHILLIES over Braves in 5.

Such cliche picks, I know. Everyone probably thought after my last paragraph that I might pick the Braves over the Phils, but that would be borderline stupid and definitely crazy. The Phils have the best pitching staff that we’ve seen in years. It’s stupid good. Hunter Pence and Ryan Howard have suddenly sprung the teams bats to life, too, and they are above average defensively. I just don’t see them losing. The Red Sox have owned the Yankees all season, and while I know that C.C. will pitch better when it counts, the Red Sox have home field in my scenario and I think that makes the difference.


Okay, this makes me want to jump off a bridge, but:

PHILLIES over Red Sox in 6.

I’m sorry, Boston. I love you. I love this team. I think they are born winners assembled with the right coach. It’s just the wrong time. Philadelphia went apeshit and put together the most freakishly talented pitching staff since the mid-90’s Braves, and our potent offense would be stifled the whole series by their arms, our pitchers having to bat in 4 out of 7 potential games, and something awful called “Aviles”. I just don’t see anyone beating Halladay, Lee and Hamels in 2 out of 3 games, and you’d basically HAVE to do that to win the World Series this year. No joke. That’s terrifying.

I’d say Cheers, but fuck it. Philadelphia ruins lives.

17th August 2011

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16th August 2011


A Less Rainy Day

Had a terrific meeting with the incomprable Perry Glasser today about the upcoming semester. Ate a delicious organic lunch in Beverly while discussing our ideas for themes, and this is what we came up with:

Start the semester off with a “Welcome to College” idea, examining the differences between the students previous life at home and in high school and their new situation away from home and attending an institution of higher learning. By focusing on both the social and academic issues in this transition, I hope we can get a good start to the semester and get people to open up about what they really want out of their experiences.

From there, it looks like I’ll delve into the topic of modern technology and it’s effect on society. Remember, this is an ENG101 class, so the focus is on critical thinking, reading analysis and expository writing skills. I want the students to read and analyze studies and reports on the effects of modern technology both socially and academically. This covers all the concepts of e-mail, blogging, smart phones, social media and texting. What does all this mean for students who are entering college in 2011, especially in their specific major (Criminal Justice, Marketing, Social Work, etc.).

Finally, we’re going to close out on the topic of the Pharmaceutical Generation, or as Perry calls it, the Narcissistic Overmedicated Generation. How have psychoactive drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, Prozac, Wellbutrin and Xanax changed the attitudes and experiences of youths today? Personal experiences will be the best vantage points, especially since today, everyone at least knows someone close to them who is or has been “medicated”. We’ll incorporate readings based on individual experiences, medical findings, sociological impact, etc. Let’s see if they can get really animated on this topic, and possibly draw comparisons between the resurgence of “Zombie” imagery as representative of our society: In the 50’s, it meant conformity, but does it mean overmedicated today?

Either way, I’m excited for an interesting semester and look forward to trying to get these kids pumped up about issues that very much impact their lives and ours. Cheers!

16th August 2011

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15th August 2011


I feel like no one will take me seriously until I have one.

I feel like no one will take me seriously until I have one.

15th August 2011


rainy day

It’s pouring, I’m stuck at work where I find myself more unhappy by the day, I don’t have a ride home, my feet hurt (I found out I put far too much pressure on my heels when I stand or walk), my girlfriend is sick in bed and I can’t help right now, I hate the president and I hate the economy and I don’t get paid enough, and my cell phone sucks and I don’t know who I can vote for that will help me get a better job so I can buy a better cell phone, and oh, it’s supposed to rain just as much tomorrow.

So NO, Google, I am not “Feeling Lucky.”

13th August 2011


Who do you vote for when everyone sucks?

Fact: Voting is one of the most important things you can do as an American citizen. I believe that choosing not to vote is a great way to give yourself up to the powers that be and surrender your freedom. However, what happens when all your options are either incompetent or terrifying? Well, we’re about to find out.

So far, no real Democrat has stepped up to challenge Obama, so we’re left to assume that he’ll be the nominee for us Donkeys next November. That means we’ll be stuck with the man who gave us half a stimulus package, a lot of empty promises about standing up to the people who caused the economic crisis, and allowed Republicans to bully him out of his wishes at every turn. He has shown his inexperience at every turn, and has been bullied and shoved around by everyone from the Tea Party to John Boehner. I just don’t have a good feeling about someone like that at this point, not when we need a Teddy Roosevelt/FDR/JFK type who can look the opposing forces in the eye and say “Hey, I’m in charge here. I’m the motherfucking Commander-In-Chief, the god damn Head of State, and we’re taking my road this time. Sit back and enjoy the ride, because in November of 2008 the people of this country elected me to the highest office in our nation, not you.” I wish I could see Obama doing that, and two years ago, I could. Today? No chance. He reminds me more of a mouse than a roaring lion; he hasn’t even gotten to the level of the braying donkey that John Kerry, Al Gore and Joe Biden remind me of.

The Republican field looks stranger than ever, too. Certifiably crazy Ron Paul is one of the more sane candidates this time around, it seems, and Mitt Romney is the centrist’s compromise. That does not bode well for Americans. Michele Bachmann is in position to easily win the Iowa Straw Poll, with Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty (a nobody outside of the Midwest) set to finish second and third in all likelihood. Bachmann is the craziest person I have ever seen, real or imaginary, and I am legitimately terrified of her. She is a religious fanatic who I truly believe is capable of violence. Ignorance is a deadly poison. Meanwhile, Rick Perry is about to tell the world that God wants him to run for the presidency in South Carolina, and will immediately become the frontrunner due to his impressive but horribly inflated job statistics in Texas and his appeal to the Christian right. He is unqualified and a fanatic, but if he can keep it together for the next 18 months, he may just get elected. I’m pretty much counting on him having a Howard Dean-esque meltdown or Mike Huckabee-esque inability to turn down the crazy on national T.V. Otherwise, I’m moving to Costa Rica and opening a juice cart on the beach.

So who do we vote for? The two frontrunners seem to be Perry and Obama, and of the two I would no doubt choose our current President. However if Romney were to win the nomination, I would be closer towards the middle, and if someone like Herman Cain or Pawlenty somehow snagged it, I’d even be intrigued. If Michele Bachmann gets nominated however, I’m out of the country. It’s not even worth the risk at that point, I enjoy my civil liberties and personal freedoms too much to try and live in her twisted version of America. Two guarantees: The Republican ticket will feature one man and one woman, and the Republican ticket will feature one certified religious fanatic. You can take that to the bank.

Well, cheers, America, and let’s hope that our President can find his cajones sooner rather than later so we’re not looking at a Perry-Palin or Bachman-Brown ticket in 2012.

13th August 2011

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13th August 2011

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